• PastForward Launches an All-New Virtual Format!

    June 7, 2022

    PastForward is launching an all-new virtual format for 2022 that consists of several types of informational and educational content including scheduled sessions, on-demand sessions, and pre-and-post conference workshops/webinars. The shift in format was developed in response to feedback for greater variety and flexibility of sessions and a desire to make the conference more inclusive.

    • Scheduled sessions offered November 1-4 virtually are designed to be marquee events featuring well-known speakers or incorporating a live interactive component to the session. Most online sessions will occur one at a time to allow for a synchronous and collective conference attendee experience. Highlights include keynote events, awards ceremony, Miami cultural heritage features, and networking sessions. These sessions will be recorded and available for three months after the conference ends.
    • On-demand sessions will be pre-recorded and will be available beginning in October for all conference registrants to watch on their own, allowing for flexibility of attendee viewing. These sessions will also be available for three months after the conference ends.
    • Pre-and-post workshops/webinars will provide either baseline knowledge or more in-depth information on topics covered during conference sessions.

    All educational and informational content is centered around the conference theme of Moving from Vision to Action and relates to the seven goals outlined in the National Impact Agenda. Sub-themes of the conference are: Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion Through Preservation, Historic Preservation is Climate Action, and Understanding Preservation’s Role in Real Estate Development. In addition, the great work of the National Trust will be woven throughout the conference program.

    Browse the list of confirmed session below and stay tuned for more program announcements as they develop including complete session details and speakers, and information on pre-and-post workshops/webinars!

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    On-Demand Sessions

    Available in October for all conference registrants.

    Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion Through Preservation

    • Building Diversity Into the National Register
    • Connecting African American History in the Chesapeake
    • Diversity and Inclusion in Florida Historic Preservation
    • Empowering Communities to Preserve Underground Railroad History
    • Innovations in Preservation: Latino/a/x Heritage
    • Make It Useful: August Wilson House's ongoing, authentic, and inventive community engagement
    • Partnering to Preserve Intangible History
    • Pursuing an Asian American Landmark at California's Sierra Summit
    • See You at Lilli's: A Focus on LGBTQ+ Cultural Heritage Documentation

    Historic Preservation is Climate Action

    • A Pattern Language for Climate-Friendly Adaptive Reuse
    • Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum: A Virtual Tour of the Everglades Experience
    • An Overview of Codes Relating to Historic Buildings
    • Climate Adaptation for Buildings and Landscapes
    • Enhancing Resilience of Sacred Places
    • Path to Net Zero Energy
    • Policy Alternatives for Resilient Heritage in the Sunshine State
    • Strategies for Climate Action: Reuse, Energy Retrofitting, and Deconstruction
    • Virtual Field Study: An Archeological Investigation of Climate Change in Miami
    • Virtual Field Study: Preserving the Dream of Opa-locka

    Understanding Preservation's Role in Real Estate Development

    • Big Impact for Small Towns: Investment Strategies for Rural Projects
    • JEDI Powers and Heritage Projects
    • Preserving Chinatown with Community in Mind
    • So You Have A Historic Building, Now What? End Uses for Preservation Projects
    • So You Have a Historic Building, Now What? Determining Costs for Real Estate Development
    • Social Inclusion Through Advocacy and Change: Two Cleveland Case Studies
    • Tour Award-winning Projects in Memphis, Tennessee

    Scheduled for November 1-4

    • A Presidential Conversation: Preserving the Legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities
    • Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum: A Discussion with the Seminole Tribe
    • Climate Gentrification: What It Is and What We Can Do About It
    • Easement Roundtable
    • Monument Removal and Restorative Justice
    • National Impact Agenda Framework in Action: Three Approaches to Leading Change
    • National Preservation Awards Ceremony
    • Open Forum: Issues at the Local Level
    • Preservation Solutions for Affordable Housing
    • The Power of Place: Traditional Cultural Places in the 21st Century

    And more to come!

  • Moving from Vision to Action

    May 18, 2022

    This past year, we undertook a series of inclusive listening sessions with those in the preservation field as well as allied fields of architecture, planning, development, and climate to learn about their challenges addressing some of this country’s most pressing issues, including mitigating and adapting to a changing climate, repurposing historic buildings to create affordable housing, and sharing the stories of all Americans.

    The resulting agenda, Leading the Change Together, led to the over-arching theme of this year’s conference: Moving from Vision to Action.

    During PastForward 2022, we will also be putting a spotlight on the amazing people who are moving from vision to action!

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