Special Programming: Featured Events in November

September 22, 2022

PastForward Online 2022 is approaching! On-demand sessions and workshops will start in early October, while marquee events featuring well-known speakers or incorporating a live interactive component to the session will take place November 1-4. During the conference week in November, special events include:

  • Congressional Visits (Daily) - Work with members of the National Trust Government Relations department to help educate Members of Congress on preservation priorities.
  • Networking (Daily) - Join preservation partners and allies for structured interaction and networking on topics facing the field today.
  • National Preservation Awards Ceremony Hosted by Bob Vila (Friday, November 4) - Prepare to be inspired by extraordinary preservation stories and the individuals who made them happen! Leave the event energized to tackle preservation projects in your own community.

Learn more about all the November 1-4 scheduled sessions, and the on-demand sessions available in October.

Join us online November 1-4, 2022, to network, learn, and be inspired. Plus, get access to On-Demand Videos and Pre-Conference Workshops.

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