Theme Focus: Understanding Preservation’s Role in Real Estate Development

September 14, 2022

These sessions at PastForward will explore the role of preservation in real estate development. During these sessions, you'll:

  • Examine creative reuse and rehabilitation design solutions.
  • Discuss ways to modernize today’s preservation tools.
  • Share how preserving historic places can create more equitable communities and new affordable housing.
  • Build strategic partnerships among preservation, local government, and real estate development interests.
  • Learn creative solutions for accessing private and public financing and walk away with a better understanding of equity investment tools.

Below are the sessions that fall under this theme. Remember, on-demand sessions will be available in October, while scheduled sessions are offered virtually November 1-4. So register today!

  • American Chinatowns: Transformative Approaches to Cultural Preservation
  • An Overview of Codes Relating to Historic Buildings
  • Big Impact for Small Towns: Investment Strategies for Rural Projects
  • Creative Reuses for "White Elephant" Buildings: The Adaptive Reuse of Difficult and Challenging Historic Buildings in the Tax Credit Program
  • JEDI Powers and Heritage Projects
  • Preservation Solutions for Affordable Housing
  • So You Have A Historic Building, Now What? End Uses for Preservation Projects
  • So You Have a Historic Building, Now What? Determining Costs for Real Estate Development
  • The Journey of Preservation: Exploring the Process of Historic Building Development from Conception to Operation
  • Tour Award-winning Projects in Memphis, TN

Stay tuned for more updates, including details on the conference webinars!

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