We're Witnessing History

April 22, 2020 by Paul Edmondson

Just weeks ago at the National Trust, we were planning to celebrate Membership Month throughout April. But like you and so many of our neighbors and friends, we’ve had to adjust our original plans and to the reality of a global pandemic.

History doesn’t always announce its arrival. Oftentimes, historic events begin to unfold before we realize we’re witnessing them. That’s been the case with the rapidly changing chapter in our American story that we’ll forever remember as the coronavirus health crisis.

While we’re not sure how this unprecedented chapter in our nation will close, we know that we will be telling—and sharing—stories of courage, sacrifice, and triumph through the people and places that defined us in the past and continue to sustain us through this historic time in America.

Preserving our history is vital to understanding our present struggles and guiding generations who come after us. Will you help us continue this important work during this historic time?

Help us save America’s unforgettable stories and irreplaceable places today with a membership gift of any amount.

In response to this moment of crisis, the Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust has generously stepped forward to match your gift! For every $2 you give, another $1 will be matched—making it worth $3.

We are deeply thankful for the leadership of this dedicated supporter at this critical moment.

Can you help us take advantage of this unexpectedly generous matching gift? Every dollar you give will multiply to save America’s history and the places we must protect.

Buildings, neighborhoods, monuments, and other places are more than just bricks and mortar, they embody and carry forward the stories that define our nation in all its diversity, complexity, and inspiration. We know all too well: When these treasured places are gone, our past—and our understanding of our own history—goes with them.

That’s as true today as it was before this current crisis, and why, if you're able, I hope you’ll support the National Trust today.

Together, by saving America’s historic places and their stories, we can continue to provide guideposts of courage and hope for our friends, family, and neighbors in the days, weeks, and years to come.

Paul Edmondson
President and CEO

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