HOPE Crew Revitalizes Eleanor Roosevelt’s Playhouse

September 14, 2016 by Kirsten Hower

This summer, Onondaga Earth Corps has been hard at work restoring the playhouse at Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site as part of a HOPE Crew project. The project, which involves restoring the exterior of the playhouse, started in July and will run through the end of September. Corps members will learn skills in masonry, carpentry, and preservation during the course of the project.

"Before I came out here, I didn't know anything about historical preservation," said Rashad Ingram. "But after learning about the history of this place and what our ancestors did for us, I want to keep preservation going to show younger people why this is so important; we are a part of history."

For the full story and pictures of HOPE Crew in action, visit Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site's blog.

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