Past Forward 2019: Program

You'll have the opportunity to explore many issues at PastForward 2019, including the three main conference themes: women’s history, next-generation small community preservation strategies, and saving urban neighborhoods. The TrustLive presentations will queue up the conference's main themes, while Power Sessions, Learning Labs, and Field Studies will focus more in-depth on these main concepts.

Revitalizing Small Communities

The small communities preservation track will propose the next generation of preservation strategies to energize and uplift rural and small towns across the country.

Saving Urban Neighborhoods

During the saving urban neighborhoods track, we’ll consider historic preservation as a strategy for building healthy, sustainable, and thriving cities and focus on the lessons we can learn from Denver’s preservation story.

Celebrating Women's History

The women’s history track, which will explore women’s stories across a range of historic sites, will bring us closer to uncovering the full American history.

  • TrustLive: Marquee presentations including a talk by thought leaders and new voices followed by a segment with additional topic experts contributing their ideas and experiences and engaging attendees.
  • Preservation Leadership Training Intensives: Day-long, skill-building trainings.
  • Field Studies: A first-hand look at local preservation projects, taking attendees into the community. They can be half- or full-day programs.
  • Learning Labs: In-depth educational sessions (75 minutes) featuring industry thought leaders.
  • Power Sessions: Quick, impactful overviews (30 minutes) of the pressing issues in preservation.

This schedule is subject to change. You must register for any ticketed sessions or events during the registration process. Adding sessions or events to your schedule via the PastForward app or website is for your personal reference and does not serve as registration for those events.

Updated 8/27/2019

Join us October 10-12, 2019, in Denver, Colorado, to network, learn, and be inspired at the national preservation conference. Early-bird registration extended through September 13!


Join us for PastForward, the historic preservation event of the year, October 10-12 in Denver, Colorado. Early-bird registration extended through September 13!

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