PastForward Online 2022: Moving from Vision to Action

Please join us for PastForward Online 2022 where the broad preservation movement will virtually explore together three intersectional themes: Historic Preservation is Climate Action, Encouraging Inclusion and Diversity Through Preservation and Understanding Preservation’s Role in Real Estate Development.

This past year, we undertook a series of inclusive listening sessions with those in the preservation field as well as allied fields of architecture, planning, development, and climate to learn about their challenges addressing some of this country’s most pressing issues, including mitigating and adapting to a changing climate, repurposing historic buildings to create affordable housing, and sharing the stories of all Americans. The resulting agenda, Leading the Change Together, led to the over-arching theme of this year’s conference: Moving from Vision to Action.

Historic Preservation is Climate Action – Preservation has a big role to play in helping to mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects. Construction and operation of buildings are the source of approximately 40 percent of carbon emissions, and many historic communities are at the forefront of climate resilience planning. Hear from experts how the conservation, reuse, and retrofitting of older and historic buildings can reduce our carbon footprint. Learn from examples in Miami and other places across the country how historic places can adapt to become more resilient in the face of weather-related disasters and to ensure the structural integrity of historic buildings. Understand the impacts of “climate gentrification” where wealthier residents seek safer ground in traditionally under-resourced communities thereby spurring higher housing costs.

Encouraging Inclusion and Diversity Through Preservation – Preservationists are confronting longstanding bias in how we decide (and who decides) what historic places should be recognized, resourced, interpreted, and protected. Be inspired by the stories of historic places in Miami and across the country that are telling our full history and learn how to grow public participation in the preservation field so that it more fully represents our communities, culture, and heritage. Hear how to encourage more diversity in every aspect of the preservation field: tradespeople, developers, planners, historic site leadership, nonprofit staff, boards of directors, university faculty, and more. PastForward will showcase a wide range of perspectives for achieving more inclusive practices and policies that demonstrate how preservation is a tool for advancing justice and equity. Discuss how lowering barriers to participation, such as simplifying preservation processes, helps increase the diversity of people who are empowered to lead, the sites we preserve, and the stories we tell.

Understanding Preservation’s Role in Real Estate Development – The conference will closely examine creative reuse and rehabilitation design solutions, discuss ways to modernize today’s preservation tools, and share how preserving historic places can create more equitable communities and new affordable housing. Learn how to build strategic partnerships among preservation, local government, and real estate development interests. Case studies, data, and stories from Miami and across the country will help preservationists to challenge misperceptions about preservation’s role and show how re-development using older and historic buildings can help build community wealth and strengthen neighborhoods. Because financing is critical to preservation, learn creative solutions for accessing private and public financing and walk away with a better understanding of equity investment tools.

Join us in protecting and restoring places where significant African American history happened.

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