Entrance to the Fort Worth Stockyards

photo by: John Roberts

11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Fort Worth Stockyards

  • Location: Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth Stockyards National Register historic district is emblematic of the establishment of the livestock industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and was central to the cultural and economic development of several western states. As the first industry in Fort Worth, the stockyards, and later the adjacent packing plants, transformed Fort Worth from a small frontier community into a major economic center. Today, the area attracts more than three million visitors annually, and its historic architecture, streetscapes and cultural identity are economic drivers for heritage tourism and local businesses.

The stockyards are threatened by plans to implement a nearly one billion square-foot, $175 million redevelopment project in the Historic District.In spite of its designation as a National Register Historic District, less than 10 percent of the buildings in Fort Worth’s Stockyards are protected from demolition through local designation. The establishment of a local historic district would be the most effective solution to the threat of insensitive development.

“San Antonio has the Alamo, Houston has the Astrodome, and Fort Worth has its stockyards.”

Stephanie Meeks

“San Antonio has the Alamo, Houston has the Astrodome, and Fort Worth has its stockyards” said Stephanie Meeks, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. “Just as cities throughout Texas and America have historic places that help define their identity, Fort Worth’s Stockyards represents a culture and history ingrained in the city’s character, and the cattle and livestock business that revolutionized American industry and appetites. As insensitive development threatens this historically significant place, we believe the local preservation community should be part of the city’s dialogue about the district’s future.”

Commissioning a historic resources survey of the stockyards will help Historic Fort Worth and local preservationists navigate the preservation issues and will aid communication with the City of Fort Worth and its chosen development partner, Majestic of California. The survey outcomes would greatly assist local property owners in pursuing designations and taking advantage of local, state, and federal preservation financial incentives.

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