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Historic Houses of Worship

  • Location: Nationwide, United States

The 100,000+ historic houses of worship across America play a crucial role in shaping the character of our communities. Many are works of art whose beauty and history make them irreplaceable parts of our national cultural heritage.

However, though the structures are considered icons of stability, today congregations of every faith face challenges in stewarding their historic houses of worship.

To ensure that America’s sacred places continue to serve their communities’ material and spiritual needs, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has joined Partners for Sacred Places and the Lilly Endowment to establish the National Fund for Sacred Places.

This collaboration builds on decades of work by Partners for Sacred Places helping congregations use their facilities to strengthen, serve, and celebrate their communities for the common good. As the nation’s leading preservation organization, the National Trust lends 60 years of advocacy and grant-making experience to preserve America’s diverse history.

Many stewards for Historic Houses of Worship struggle to maintain historic structures in the face of changing demographics and inadequate resources.

The Fund for Sacred Places will offer grants, training, and technical assistance to more than 50 congregations. For more information on eligibility, guidelines, and resources for congregations, please visit FundForSacredPlaces.org.

Congregations accepted into the National Fund for Sacred Places program will receive technical assistance, training and peer learning opportunities, planning grants, and the opportunity to apply for a capital rehabilitation grant.

Historic houses of worship, from prairie churches to urban synagogues, are the bedrocks that continue to sustain us as a people, uniting us in service and celebration. Together, we can protect them for generations to come.

There are estimated to be as many as 350,000 individual congregations across all faith groups in the United States.


We urge advocates and stewards for Historic Houses of Worship to visit FundForSacredPlaces.org to discover more about how our fund can help.

Donate to our campaign to protect Historic Houses of Worship across the United States.


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