Report Identifies Alternatives to Power Lines Across the James River

February 14, 2017 by Andy Grabel

The National Trust for Historic Preservation commissioned an independent engineering firm to complete a comprehensive study that identified four alternatives to Dominion’s preferred project across the James River at Jamestown. These experts determined that the alternatives would satisfy the area’s electrical needs and meet all relevant federal reliability standards, while also costing less and taking less time to build than Dominion’s proposal. The firm also concluded that these four alternatives are not an exhaustive list.

Dominion’s project proposes constructing a 500kV transmission line across the James River from Surry to Skiffes Creek. It also requires construction of a new Skiffes Creek substation and smaller 230kV powerline from Skiffes Creek to Whealton.

Read the full NTHP-TCR Alternatives Report here.

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