Introducing Mount Taylor

July 19, 2012 by Amy Cole

I’m Amy Cole, the National Trust's project manager for Mount Taylor. I’ll be providing you regular updates about our work to minimize the effects of mining on this sacred landscape in Northern New Mexico, which sits atop one of the richest known reserves of uranium ore in the country.

Just this week, we provided comments to the United States Forest Service about the proposed La Jara Mesa uranium mining project. The Forest Service will take those comments – which state our concerns about the negative effects the project will have on Mount Taylor and its irreplaceable cultural resources – into account when they prepare a final environmental impact statement later this year.

Also happening this week is a hearing on proposed regulations that will set forth the requirements and procedures for listing properties of historical, archaeological, scientific, architectural, or other cultural significance in the State Register of Cultural Properties.Mt. Taylor is included on this register, and the National Trust intends to comment on the proposed regulations.

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