Survey Supports Preserving Our Domes!

August 6, 2018 by Jennifer Sandy

The results of last month’s public survey on potential options for the Domes are in—and they reinforce the overwhelming community support for a preservation solution for these Midcentury Modern icons. The survey received over 2,400 responses, and 67 percent of responders preferred reinvesting in all three Domes (options 4, 5a, and 5b combined). Thanks to all of you who took action for the Domes!

The Domes Task Force’s Phase 1 "Future Path and Feasibility Study" report makes it clear that reinvesting in the Mitchell Park Domes would spur transformative educational, conservation, social, and community benefits, as well as encourage economic growth and job creation.

Save Our Domes hopes that Milwaukee County will continue to take this overwhelming community support of the restoration and preservation of all three Mitchell Park Domes into account as the future of this historic landmark is decided. Stay tuned for more updates about the Task Force’s work and details about the next Save Our Domes meeting, to be held in late summer/early fall.

Join us in protecting and restoring places where significant African American history happened.

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