Zoar Brewery Foundations Uncovered

March 25, 2015 by Jennifer Sandy

Exciting news for the Village of Zoar – the long-buried foundation and cellar of the former Zoar Brewery is being uncovered and will be a focal point of a new pavilion at Zoar Wetland and Arboretum. The work is being made possible by an $85,600 grant from the Timken Foundation to the Earth Action Partnership, which owns and manages the Zoar Wetland.

According to the Historic Property Baseline Study produced by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Zoar Brewery was built in 1832 and provided beer and cider for town residents, made from ingredients produced in Zoar. It operated until 1901, was converted into a dance hall in the 1920s, and burned in the 1950s. The new pavilion will greatly enhance the visitor experience at Zoar Lake and will include an interpretive display about the brewery’s history.

Join us in protecting and restoring places where significant African American history happened.

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