July 23, 2013

Our 10 Most Popular Preservation Toolkits (to date)

DIY window tools. Credit: Muffet, Flickr

Happy Birthday, 10 on Tuesday!

One year ago this week, we at the National Trust began putting together weekly toolkits to help you protect and enjoy the historic places that matter to you. We've covered everything from researching your historic home to greening it, recovering from disasters to designating local historic districts, and learning social media to saving places on your own.

But which toolkits have you, our loyal readers, deemed to be the most popular? We looked through the vaults, crunched numbers, and came up with this great list of favorites from the past year. If you haven't seen them yet, take a minute to browse through them -- and if you have enjoyed them once before, consider sharing them with friends!

10 Things You Should Know About Retrofitting Historic Windows

Boy, you sure do love your windows! This toolkit held the top spot without even breaking a sweat. And no wonder, since reusing your older windows can save energy and money.

10 Benefits of Establishing a Local Historic District

This post was part of our series about how -- and why -- to set up local historic districts. It shares 10 tangible benefits that will help you make a compelling case for establishing a local historic district in your community.

Historic home is Los Angeles. Credit: Kansas Sebastian, Flickr

10 Basic Principles for Rehabbing the Right Way

This post will go down in history as "the first 10 on Tuesday post to feature a slideshow!" (See all the PreservationNation slideshows on SlideShare.) It's a handy reference guide for how to start rehabilitating your house.

Restore vs. Rehabilitate: Which is Right for Your Historic House?

You just bought a historic house… so now what? This toolkit gets you started on turning your house into a home. (Read the whole series.)

How to Find a Historic House

One way preservationists can express their love for old buildings: live in one. Here's how to find your dream home. (Read the whole series.)

Buying a Historic Home: What's Your Style? (part 1)

You're ready to buy a historic home, but in what style? Here's a primer on architectural styles. (And here's part 2 when you're ready.)

Ronda Cemetery in Vernon, Texas. Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation

10 Tips for Organizing a Community Tour

Historic tours can be a great way for local history-lovers and preservation groups to bring a community together around beloved places.

10 Tips for Nominating Your Site to America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places List

Are there historic sites in your community or your state that you think would be good candidates for our annual 11 Most list? Then check out our top 10 tips for presenting a strong case when nominating your site.

10 Ways to Use Pinterest for Preservation

Peruse these quick how-tos on using the hottest social site of the moment to promote historic places and Main Street communities. For inspiration, check out PreservationNation's Pinterest page.

10 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Preservation

It’s never too early to get kids interested in preservation. Here are 10 ways to get them hooked on saving places.

Thanks for reading ... and for saving places!

Julia Rocchi is the director of content marketing at the National Trust. By day she wrangles content; by night (and weekends), she shops local, travels to story-rich places, and gawks at buildings.


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