December 10, 2015

10 Preservation Instagrammers You Should Follow

  • By: Sarah Heffern

If you're a historic place enthusiast and you're not on Instagram, you're missing out—there are countless amazing photographers sharing the places they love. So many, in fact, that there is no way to make a list of preservation-friendly Instagram accounts without omitting more than are included.

So, once you've perused this selection of 10 of our favorites, check out some of the hashtags where the building-huggers hang out, like #thisplacematters, #savingplaces, #preservation, #architecture, #lookup, and more. Oh, and of course you can find us on Instagram at @SavingPlaces.

IG handle: thefrontdoorproject
Website:The Front Door Project: Life One Door at a Time
Name: Deb Cohen
Bio: "Sharing favorite doors, homes and sometimes a little history. Follow me as I travel to places in CT, New England and beyond."
Recent photo:

IG handle: susietrexler
Name: Susie Trexler
Bio: "Architectural historian & historic preservationist based in Seattle, Washington"
Website: The Secret Knowledge of Spaces
Recent photo:

Hello Portland 💚 #portlandarchitecture #pdxnow #exploreoregon

A photo posted by Susie Trexler (@susietrexler) on

IG handle: michaelrallen
Name: Michael R. Allen
Website: Building Culture
Recent photo:

IG handle: blaservations
Name: Elizabeth Blasius
Bio: "Architectural Historian recording the American Middle West."
Website: Blaservations
Recent photo:

South Benton Street, Winnebago, Illinois #blaservations #townhall #illinoisarchitecture #midwest

A photo posted by Elizabeth Blasius (@blaservations) on

IG handle: eastof72nd
Name: Omaha USA
Bio: "Documenting Omaha East of 72nd Street #eastof72nd"
Recent photo:

Bathroom at the Burlington Mail Terminal. #omaha #gatecity #downtown #citythings

A photo posted by Omaha USA (@eastof72nd) on

IG handle: raiosunshine
Name: Raina Regan
Bio: "exploring and capturing indiana's historic places • indianapolis • preservationist"
Website: Raina Regan
Recent photo:

Layers and layers of buildings in #PGH

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on

IG handle: architectureiniowa
Name: Abby Huff
Bio: "Iowa Native and SCAD Historic Preservation Alum showing the world that Iowa and the Midwest have architectural history and preservation."
Recent photo:

IG handle: grantrstevens
Name: Grant Stevens
Bio: "Getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Community Outreach for @SavingPlaces. Passionate about too many topics."
Recent photo:

IG handle: oldhouselove
Name: Ode To Old Houses
Bio: "Spread the Old House Love. Follow and tag #oldhouselove #midmodmondays #deserve2preserve #interiorthursdays #renovationsaturdays"
Note: This account curates photos of old houses from across Instagram. They're a fun follow, as well as a great place to find more accounts to follow.
Recent photo:

IG handle: usinterior
Name: U.S. Department of the Interior
Bio: "Protecting America’s Great Outdoors and Powering Our Future. This is the official account for the Department."
Website: U.S. Department of the Interior
Recent photo:

Sarah Heffern embraces all things online and pixel-centric, she’s also a hard-core building hugger, having first fallen for historic places in a fifth grade “Built Environment” class.

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