May 15, 2015

#DownToTheWire Episode 3: Jamestown Landing Day at the James River

National Trust staff at the James River, one of our National Treasures.
National Trust staff at the James River, one of our National Treasures.

The Down to the Wire team is hard at work and on the move, letting Virginia (and the nation) know about Dominion Virginia Power’s plan to put high-voltage power lines across the beautiful, historic James River. Last week, we took the campaign to Jamestown: the birthplace of our country, and an area that would be directly impacted by these power lines.

In the third episode of our #DownToTheWire video series, join the team for Jamestown Landing Day at Historic Jamestowne, near the site Dominion Virginia Power is proposing to construct power lines. We talked with visitors to the site, and asked them just what makes it so special to them, and how their experience would be impacted if Dominion goes through with this plan. They signed our petition, joining us to urge Dominion Power to seriously consider other options.

Join us in asking Dominion to do the right thing: The James River should be preserved for everybody.

Tom Wall was the associate manager of Community Outreach. His background includes television production, journalism, nonprofit communications, and marketing. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tom is a graduate of the George Washington University, with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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