June 6, 2014

Historic Real Estate: Cozy Interior Edition

  • By: Steven Piccione
Credit: LandVest, Inc.
The woods surrounding Centerfield feature more than a mile of frontage on the Boquet River.

Frequently, the most popular real estate listings are those with lavish arrangements, stunning views, and dramatic exteriors. This week, we go inside to take a look at cozy interiors and comfortable rooms. Grab a cup of coffee and settle into a comfortable chair, because these listings will make you want to forget about chores and re-read your favorite book instead.

Centerfield -- Elizabethtown, N.Y.

Price: $799,000

As one of the largest estates in New York's Essex County, Centerfield resides on 336 acres of rolling fields and well-managed forests. The house remains in its 1920s Colonial Revival style, which comprises six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a greenhouse, and a garage. When you are exhausted from enjoying the land's hiking trails overlooking the High Peaks, you can curl up in front of one of its four fireplaces.

Credit: LandVest, Inc
The University of Vermont and Burlington's international airport is only a few minutes' drive from 4 Fairholt.

4 Fairholt -- Burlington, Vt.

Price: $1,695,000

Adjacent to the Burlington Country Club is the estate built for Henry Holt, the founder of the publishing empire Holy, Rhinehart, and Winston. Holt's impressive seven-acre estate -- which was originally built in the 1890s -- was designed by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted and features an in-ground swimming pool, a hard-surface tennis court, and a brick patio. Although the 4,000-square-foot brick colonial home, with its six bedroom and four bathrooms, is impressive, its sunroom and gallery are the unique features perfect for a relaxing day -- or week.

Credit: The Gill Agency
The original woodwork in the Wilkins-Heath House has never been painted and stays true to its century-old appearance.

The Wilkins-Heath House -- Austin, Texas

Price: $1,350,000

Many historic homes reside on the East Coast; however, the American South has an impressive selection of historically significant residences with beautiful interiors, too. Built in 1886, the Wilkins-Heath House was fully restored in 2005 and remains a beautiful Victorian-era Queen Anne Cottage. The home boasts two living areas surrounded by windows, allowing ample sunlight to illuminate the rooms. For those passionate about gardening, its backyard is a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. Along with its original woodwork throughout the 2,500-square-foot interior, there are two bedrooms, a formal dining room, and a powder room. And let's not forget that the floors throughout the home are recently refinished long-leaf pine.

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