March 14, 2014

Historic Real Estate: The Historic House Crush Edition

  • By: Emily Potter
blog_photo_Saxton Hall
The beautiful Saxton Hall.

Saxton Hall -- Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y.

If you’re going to have an old-house crush, this just might be the place. It’s only 50 miles from New York City in the lovely Hudson Valley. On the outside, six huge Corinthian columns line the porch, and on the inside, every detail has been maintained and restored. Price: $799,000

blog_photo_Historic Tudor
The lovely Madison Tudor home.

Historic Tudor -- Madison, Wis.

This beautiful house is located in the historic district of Nakoma in the heart of Madison. A few of the more unique features include a glassed-in solarium, library, and balconies overlooking both entrances. Enjoy its luxury as well as its historic charm. Price: $925,000

blog_photo_The Nielson House
The charming Nielson House.

The Nielson House -- Quincy, Ill.

Considered a “true old beauty,” this house is located in the much sought-after East End Historic District in Quincy. The current owners have taken great care to preserve its historic features, such as stripping paint to reveal the original woodwork while making updates to enhance everyday life. Price: $347,500

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