September 18, 2015

Preservation Personals: Converted Chapel Offers Heavenly Home

  • By: Nick Totten

New Marlborough, Massachusetts

Steeple Seeks Owner Looking for Peace and Pleasant Living

Steeple -- New Marlborough, Massachusetts

Over the years, many people came to me to give thanks. I give thanks to Captain John Carroll, a mill owner who wanted a church nearby for his mill workers. He built me in 1871. People left when the mills closed, but I was born again in 1976 as a modern home. To this day, I am surrounded by nearly two acres of tall trees and lovely gardens. You could take a pleasant stroll outside and stop by at the general store, the post office, or the library if you’d like.

Inside, I have a lovely two-story living room with a Danish Lange wood stove. My sanctuary has been converted into a great room that provides lots of light through my large Romanesque-style windows. You’ll also find three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an eat-in kitchen. This ecclesiastical edifice could be your heaven on earth!

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Nick Totten is an editorial intern at the National Trust. He takes particular delight in historic museums and libraries. In addition, he enjoys performing music, playing with words, and appreciating the local sites and views on foot.

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