August 14, 2015

[Historic Real Estate] Preservation Personals: Former School Seeks Learned Buyer

  • By: Jamesha Gibson
10612 Old Court Rd. -- Woodstock, Maryland

Converted Granite Schoolhouse Seeks Learned Buyer Willing to Be Tutored in Fun

From the looks of me, you might think I was built as a mini mansion or a small villa for some rich historical figure. You probably wouldn’t believe that I was originally constructed as a school in the late 19th century from locally quarried granite. Sixty-odd years later, my doors closed to pupils and instructors and I was lovingly converted into a snazzy, upscale dwelling.

Even though I’ve been made over, I haven’t lost my scholastic touch. The astute buyer will see that each room holds a lesson or two. For example, you can learn new culinary skills in my updated gourmet kitchen. Or improve your choral skills in the shower of any one of my four bathrooms. Or enjoy recreational time and host recess in my beautifully manicured, one-acre backyard.

Sound like fun? Want to learn more? Educate yourself with this video tour and check me out here.

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Jamesha Gibson is an Editorial Intern at the National Trust. She is passionate about using historic preservation as an avenue for underrepresented communities to share their unique stories. Jamesha also enjoys learning about other cultures through reading, art, language, dancing, and especially cuisine.

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