June 19, 2015

[Historic Real Estate] Preservation Personals: Frederick R. Buell Residence Seeks Elmer Grey Fan

  • By: Jamesha Gibson
The Frederick R. Buell residence

Frederick R. Buell Residence Seeks Elmer Grey Fan with Laidback Taste

2726 E. Kenwood Blvd. -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Take a look at me. I mean a really good look. For you Elmer Grey fans, do you see anything familiar? I hope so, because I’m the renowned architect’s first solo commission. Though I’m not as well known as the Pasadena Playhouse or as famous as the Beverly Hills Hotel (two of Grey’s most celebrated works), I hold the essence of Grey’s early genius.

All of his fine detail and unparalleled style is revealed when you open any of my many windows. The sunlight rushes in and illuminates the intricate woodwork throughout my hallways, bedrooms, kitchen, and especially around my two fireplaces in the parlor and front room.

Having the bragging rights of living in an Elmer Grey original is great, but I think it’s the little modern upgrades that make living in me especially worthwhile. Six spacious bedrooms (including an in-law suite with a kitchenette), a lower-level theater and game room, and a private yard with a patio and porch swing await you, ready to make your evenings laidback and leisurely.

Want to relax here? Check me out here.

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Jamesha Gibson is an Editorial Intern at the National Trust. She is passionate about using historic preservation as an avenue for underrepresented communities to share their unique stories. Jamesha also enjoys learning about other cultures through reading, art, language, dancing, and especially cuisine.

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