May 8, 2015

[Historic Real Estate] Preservation Personals: Post-Medieval Structure Seeks Adventurous Owner

  • By: Jamesha Gibson
Today we continue our installment of Historic Real Estate called “Preservation Personals,” where we let the historic properties speak for themselves. Today's personal is...

3524 North Point Drive, Anchorage, Alaska

Intriguing Post-Medieval Structure Seeks Versatile and Adventurous Owner

3524 North Point Drive -- Anchorage, Alaska

You can probably tell from my post-medieval architectural accent that I’m not from Anchorage. I was built around 1680 and called Massachusetts home for nearly 300 years before I pulled up my support beams and reassembled in Alaska, looking for a fresh start.

I admit moving from New England to the rugged Alaskan terrain was quite an adjustment, but I was determined to stay. I planted my 18 closed-end steel pilings 30 feet into the soil and have remained structurally confident since 1982.

My unique travel experience has transformed me into a versatile structure offering the best of both worlds. Looking for a day out? Take a boat from my adjacent boathouse and go fishing on Lake Campbell. Prefer a day in? Enjoy family time in any one of my eight rooms (which include three cozy bedrooms, a spacious living room, and a den).

And as far as the weather is concerned, you don’t have to be. When it snows in Anchorage, you can relax in the all-glass sun room sipping hot cocoa and watching the snow gently blanket the mountains as it melts on the heated driveway and prepares the way for your next adventure.

Interested? Let me drop you my (pricing) digits here.

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Jamesha Gibson is an Editorial Intern at the National Trust. She is passionate about using historic preservation as an avenue for underrepresented communities to share their unique stories. Jamesha also enjoys learning about other cultures through reading, art, language, dancing, and especially cuisine.

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