February 8, 2013

Historic Real Estate: The Fixer-Upper Edition

  • By: Emily Potter

blog_photo_Old Home Bank
Old Home Bank at the corner of N. 3rd Street and W Main Street in Newark, Ohio.

Historic Louis Sullivan Bank Building -- Newark, Ohio

The Old Home Bank is an extraordinary space to rent or own. The building was designed by architect Louis Sullivan, mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright, and first opened in 1915. Located in historic downtown Newark square, the bank building is ready to be restored and re-opened. Price tag: $750,000

In the heart of Washington, Virginia, lies this charming original Greek Revival house.

Greek Revival House, circa 1820 -- Washington, Virginia

This Greek Revival-style home is a rare property in the center of the small Virginia town. While it needs some work, it still has its original heart-pine floors and windows (the wavy glass kind), and sits on just about one acre, lined with boxwood trees. Price tag: $490,000

blog_photo_Spring Hollow
Spring Hollow is just four miles from Rt. 99 and 30 minutes from State College, and ready to be restored.

Spring Hollow -- Warriors Mark Township, Pennsylvania

Built circa 1850, this house has never been renovated or restored, and is perfect for the true “fixer-upper” at heart. There is a spring in the basement that flows year round into a stone-walled pond and a second side staircase that takes you two levels, from kitchen to attic. Price tag: $60,000

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