October 28, 2013

Introducing PastCast: A New Podcast for People Who Save Places

  • By: Julia Rocchi

PastCast debut episode. Credit: OCV PHOTO, Flickr

We're excited to announce the debut episode of PastCast, a show for the people who save places! (Hint: That's you.) Our mission is to bring you great stories of cool preservation projects around the country -- and let the people behind them tell you all about it in their own words.

Segments in this episode include:

  • Man on the Street: We take to the streets to ask folks what's on their mind about preservation. This episode's prompt: Does saving places matter? Why or why not?
  • Placesavers: We talk with local preservationists around the country doing cool projects. Here we interview Dana Saylor and Meagan Baco, two of the leaders behind I'm Steel Standing, a group formed to protect the Bethlehem Steel Administration Building in Lackawanna, NY.
  • Stuff We're Obsessed With: The name says it all -- Jason Clement, David Weible, and I dish on our most recent preservation crushes. And right now we love walkability, the Houston Astrodome, and the adaptively reused Pabst Brewhouse campusin Milwaukee.
  • Soundscapes: We take you to the rededication of the Comal County Courthouse in New Braunfels, Texas, as its bells once again echo through the town square.
Full disclosure: Calling this a "podcast" is a bit of an aspirational term right now. Our goal for 2014 is to make the show a regular feature that you can download, stream, etc. Moreover, we want it to be about the projects and people you want to hear about. So if you have suggestions or feedback for us, please let us know at editorial@savingplaces.org

Thanks for listening! Now, let's fade to back ...

Julia Rocchi is the senior director of digital marketing at the National Trust. By day she wrangles content; by night (and weekends), she shops local, travels to story-rich places, and gawks at buildings.


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