November 27, 2015

Preservation Personals: Minister's Mansion Seeks History Hound

  • By: Nick Totten

Old Manse—Orange, Virginia

I was built by Reverend Dr. Isaac W. K. Handy. He was a pastor in Portsmouth, Virginia, during the Civil War. In 1863, a newspaper reported that Rev. Handy had made disparaging remarks against the American flag, and he was taken to the Fort Delaware Prison for 15 months. During his time there he kept a diary, which became an acclaimed historical record of Civil War prisons and prisoners.

The year 1868 is where I come in. That's when Rev. Handy built me, complete with front and back porches overlooking 46 acres of field and forest. There are two springs on the property, and one of them feeds into a large pond. Inside, I have nine spacious rooms, including a grand dining room, four bedrooms, and two-and-a-half baths.

Learn more about my Civil War and Reconstruction-era history here.

Old Manse, Orange, Virginia

photo by: Joe T. Samuels, Inc.

171 Landon Lane, Orange, Virginia

Nick Totten was an editorial intern at the National Trust. He takes particular delight in historic museums and libraries. In addition, he enjoys performing music, playing with words, and appreciating the local sites and views on foot.

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