August 10, 2018

Preservation Personals: 1883 Diamond in the Rough in Madison, Georgia

  • By: Rebecca Gale

I’ve seen the best of times and the worst of times since being built 1883, but through it all I’ve stood tall as an incredible example of architecture influenced by the American Aesthetic Movement. Located in beautiful, historic Madison, Georgia, I am brimming with decadent, sumptuous details and fine craftsmanship in every nook and cranny of my 5,000 square feet of space. Set on an acre of land on the main street of a town recently named the “best small town in Georgia” by Southern Living Magazine, I don’t think it’s too bold to say that living under my decadent ceilings is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With 14-foot ceilings, a 400-foot covered verandah, five bedrooms, and eight main rooms, I think I’ve got you covered when it comes to having loads of elegant living and entertaining space. I have to be upfront, though: I’m a bit down on my luck at the moment. While I underwent an award-winning full restoration in the 1980s, I suffered a fire in 2001, leaving me with smoke and water damage. I do have good bones, and I was recently bought and dusted off by the Madison-Morgan Conservancy, who stabilized my structure and are hoping to find someone to show me some love!

All the same, I have a lot to offer: 10-foot-wide solid walnut sliding pocket doors, carved moldings and trim throughout, huge bays in the parlor and library, built-in shelving, chandeliers, and countless other classy details. What really sets me apart are my luxurious wallpapers, frescoed ceilings, walnut and ash wainscoting, and eight fireplaces with tile and carved wood surrounds. With details like plasterwork caryatids, lion’s head carvings, and full-length windows, you'll never meet another house quite like me.

I know I need a bit of a facelift, but as a National Register-listed property, I am eligible for huge tax incentives to help out with my rehabilitation. If you love a good project, maybe a fixer-upper like me can end up being your Prince Charming!

Interested? Click here to see my full listing (I’m very photogenic!).

Exterior photo of Aesthetic Movement home for sale in Madison, Georgia

photo by: Madison-Morgan Conservancy

Combining Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, and Italianate influences, I embody the design tastes of the American Aesthetic Movement, of which writer Oscar Wilde was a major proponent.

Interior photo of American Aesthetic Movement home for sale in Madison, Georgia

photo by: Madison-Morgan Conservancy

Book lovers will rejoice in my first-floor library, featuring solid walnut pocket doors, caryatid carvings, and a frescoed ceiling.

American Aesthetic Movement home for sale in Madison, Georgia

photo by: Madison-Morgan Conservancy

The 42-foot-long entry hallway showcases the jaw-dropping details within my walls, waiting to be restored to their former glory.

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Rebecca Gale is an Editorial Intern at the National Trust. In her spare time, you can find her visiting local museums, photographing historic buildings, or playing guitar.

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