February 12, 2016

Preservation Personals: Former Speakeasy Seeks an Adventurous Owner

  • By: Filip Mazurczak

1866 Cottage-Style Home and Estate—Brierfield, Alabama

Happy birthday to me! This year, I turn 150.

Built in 1866, I am listed in the National Register of Historic Places and am one of very few cottage-style structures left in Alabama.

I was completely refurbished in 1965, and received a new roof and a fresh coat of paint in my original color scheme just last year. I operated as a speakeasy during Prohibition, and include tons of historical treats you can show off to your guests, from a 1920s-era pipe organ hidden behind a bookcase to stained glass windows.

My maple flooring is the same as it was in the 1860s, but you won’t be living in the 19th century if you buy me; I come with modern amenities, including an alarm system and air conditioning.

Last but not least, my lot covers a full 12 acres.

You can read more about me here, and take a video tour here.

An exterior shot of the Montebrier Historic 1866 Cottage-Style Home and Estate.

photo by: John Hall & Company

19275 HWY 139 S., Brierfield, AL 35035

Filip Mazurczak is an editorial intern at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. He previously worked as a freelance journalist, translator, and editor. He is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


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