April 13, 2018

Preservation Personals: Hotel Beaumont, A Hot Buy in Southeastern Texas

  • By: Mikayla Raymond

I’m a Beaux-Arts belle presenting a unique economic opportunity at the intersections of Orleans and Fannin Streets in downtown Beaumont, Texas. I am known as the Beaumont Hotel, and I’m central to fast-growing Downtown Beaumont, which the Old Spanish Trail runs through. I was built in 1922 by a group of 227 investors for just over $1 million—the equivalent of $15 million today.

Downtown Beaumont has seen a recent resurgence, and my redevelopment could serve as an anchor for the downtown area and for greater southeast Texas, as I am one of the most beloved historic buildings in the region and central to Beaumont’s historic downtown.

Due to my solid construction, I could take on a variety of uses. In my past I have been a hotel and an assisted-living facility, but I could feasibly become apartments or office space. Regardless of my future uses, I am bound to be in high demand!

I’m 11 stories high with rusticated stone-faced lower floors and brick upper floors. My cornice line is highly decorative and lends an air of importance to my facade. I have 135 former hotel rooms ranging in size. I also have two ballrooms: the Rose Room and the Sky Room on the roof. In my heyday, I also housed two restaurants: The Black Cat Café and Kitten. I hope that future development will bring back restaurants and retail to my lower floors.

2003, I underwent a $7.5 million restoration, which restored all but my upper two floors. I’m currently vacant, so I’m in need of some TLC. I’m also included as a contributing building to the National Register’s Beaumont Commercial District, meaning my redevelopment could qualify for historic tax credits. I’m still a work in progress, but at my current price I’m a steal!

Learn more about me here.

My extravagant cornice line alludes to my former (and future!) glory.

photo by: Lee Wheeler

My cornice line gives you an idea of my former (and future) glory.

Above my front entrance sits a cherub the the initials H.B. for Hotel Beaumont.

photo by: Lee Wheeler

My cast iron entrance canopy is decorated with cherubs, lions, and my initials- H.B. for Hotel Beaumont.

Some of my interior spaces are left largely unfinished, presenting limitless possibilities!

photo by: Lee Wheeler

Some of my interior spaces have been left unfinished, showing my solid bones. Oh, the possibilities!

Mikayla Raymond is a proud preservationist and editorial intern at the National Trust. She lives for public parks, weird art, and women’s history.


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