July 7, 2017

Preservation Personals: Oregon Home Seeks Savvy Politician

  • By: Jared Foretek

I’m one of the oldest houses in Salem but I feel as young as I did in my frontier days. You couldn’t guess my age just from looking, but you could probably tell I’ve had some prestigious owners.

A relic of Oregon’s political history, I was originally built in 1859 for the president of the town’s woolen mill, making me a regular stop for local pols. One named La Fayette Grover took quite a liking, buying me in 1868 just before launching his winning gubernatorial bid in 1870. He actually made me the official governor’s mansion for a time until he went off to Washington to represent our nascent state in the United States Senate.

Later I was owned by a Salem mayor in the early 1900s and the head of the state Board of Control in the 1930s. No doubt, many deals have been cut in my parlor.

Don’t worry though, my historic character’s all there but I keep up to date. For example, I’ve got a fully refurbished kitchen with two stoves and two refrigerators, my master bathroom features a whirlpool tub and granite showers, and the property features three fountains. Meanwhile, the rural Gothic exterior looks as good as new.

All told, I’ve got 4,394 square feet on over an acre of land in our lovely state capital, just blocks from the downtown area. Are you looking to follow in the footsteps of La Fayette Grover and catapult your political career? Well, as a proven kingmaker, I might be the place from which to do it. Learn more about me here.


photo by: Rick Maurmann

Salem, Oregon 97301.


photo by: Rick Maurmann

My kitchen's been fully updated with two stoves and two refrigerators.


photo by: Rick Maurmann

Feast your eyes on my majestic winding staircase.

Jared Foretek is an editorial intern at the National Trust. He enjoys historic train stations, old bars, and interesting public spaces.


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