July 28, 2017

Preservation Personals: Pennsylvania Stone House Seeks Luxury-Loving Owners

  • By: Jared Foretek

There’s quite a bit of history in my old stone walls. Built in 1788 in bucolic Carlisle, Pennsylvania, I wasn’t always the giant single-family home you see before you today. I was once the gathering place for a new nation, known as Moore’s Tavern from 1795 to 1885 and named for the man who built me, James Moore.

All that history lives on today; my original brick toll house is still on the three-acre property, as is the rebuilt two-level horse barn (which was most recently used as an antique store). With eight bedrooms, eight wood-burning fireplaces, and a number of spacious rooms that you can design to fit your needs in 7,000 square feet, I’m still perfect for a tavern-style bed and breakfast.

But while my 18th-century charm has been meticulously preserved over the years, I’ve also been completely updated for the needs of today’s family, if you want to keep this lovely estate for you and yours. Certainly James Moore never enjoyed the luxury of an in-ground pool, but you can when you’re here. Still, out in my lush garden, that timeless serenity can transport you back to the 1700s. The landscaping is beautiful, but it almost feels like it hasn’t been touched.

Think of me as your own private retreat, but just a hop, skip, and a jump from the center of town and Dickinson College, so my charm will last year-round.

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Pennsylvania Farm house exterior

photo by: Anne Lusk

Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17015.

Pennsylvania farm house kitchen

photo by: Anne Lusk

The kitchen's been completely updated, but still has that 18th-century charm.

Pennsylvania farm house garden

photo by: Anne Lusk

My garden's been expertly landscaped, yet almost feels untouched.

Jared Foretek is an editorial intern at the National Trust. He enjoys historic train stations, old bars, and interesting public spaces.


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