May 18, 2018

Preservation Personals: Queen Anne House Rooted in Houston’s Oldest Neighborhood

  • By: Mikayla Raymond

I’m known around H-town as the Valentine House. I was built circa 1898 by Peter and Angeline Valentine, the Rice University founder’s former valet and his wife. I’m listed as a contributing resource to the Old Sixth Ward Historic District, which became the first neighborhood in Houston to be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Today, the Old Sixth Ward is considered the oldest intact neighborhood in Houston, and it has the greatest concentration of Victorian-era homes in the region.

I’m a Queen Anne-style cross-gable house with a stately appearance and storied past. I was used for a period of time as a parsonage for the First Baptist Tabernacle Church before I fell into a state of disrepair. I have since been lovingly restored and now serve as a single-family home, with three bedrooms upstairs and two bathrooms.

I offer 2,320 square feet of space on a lot of just over one-tenth of an acre. I feature two wrap-around porches and extensive woodwork throughout, including my curly-pine wainscoting, trim, and mantelpieces. I have hardwood floors and two fireplaces. I’m full of eye-catching details, such as my ornate staircase and delicate transoms over doorways. I lend an extra touch of Victorian-era style with my clawfoot bathtubs; however, my kitchen is thoroughly modern. I’m just west of Houston’s downtown, putting me within walking distance of a number of the city’s greatest restaurants, bars, and cultural events.

Learn more about me here.

My Queen-Anne style exterior radiates Southern charm.

photo by: Leisha Medina

Houston, TX 77007.

My two wrap-around porches make for comfortable outdoor seating year-round!

photo by: Leisha Medina

My two wrap-around porches make for delightful outdoor seating and entertaining.

My elaborate staircase hints at the richness of my many interior wood details.

photo by: Leisha Medina

My elaborate staircase offers a taste of the many intricate wooden details throughout my interior.

Mikayla Raymond is a proud preservationist and editorial intern at the National Trust. She lives for public parks, weird art, and women’s history.

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