October 30, 2015

Preservation Personals: Reconstruction Era House Seeking Revival

  • By: Nick Totten

Theodore Yates House -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am grateful for Colonel Theodore Yates, not just for his service at Vicksburg during the Civil War, but also for building me in 1868. My neighbors include several other historic homes here in the Concordia Historic District in Milwaukee. I have retained most of my original woodwork and fixtures.

Sure, I’m old and need some work done, but I am proud to be registered in the National Register of Historic Places. My large attic holds a lot of potential for bedroom or office space, and my Gothic Revival exterior is a palateable Milwaukee cream color, topped with a steeply pitched, multi-gabled roof.

My best attribute, though? You can use historic tax credits to fund my restoration!

Learn more about me here.

Theodore Yates House

photo by: Brian Bajdan

2710 West State St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Theodore Yates House

photo by: Brian Bajdan

Nick Totten was an editorial intern at the National Trust. He takes particular delight in historic museums and libraries. In addition, he enjoys performing music, playing with words, and appreciating the local sites and views on foot.

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