February 17, 2017

Preservation Personals: Roomy Farmhouse Seeks Big Family

  • By: Jared Foretek

When an epidemic swept along the Potomac River in the early 1800s, Evan Jones and his wife, Mary O’Neale, moved their children to the peaceful and sickness-free town of Goshen. One of their sons built me, a beautiful farmhouse in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

John Jones, my original owner, would go on to marry Anne Smith Waters. And when the couple had more than 10 children (honestly, who could keep count?), they lived right here. I actually stayed in the family for 110 years.

But now there's more than enough room for you and yours.

Outside, I have a beautiful garden and gazebo on the property, as well as a roomy deck with a hot tub. I can accommodate all your transportation needs with a detached garage and a barn, in case you want to get around like the Jones family back in the 19th century.

Inside, I’ve certainly seen some changes since those days, though I've still got some of my original detailing. My spacious gourmet kitchen has a fireplace, as does my beautiful living room.

If you have as many children as John Jones and Anne Smith Waters, you’ll occasionally need some privacy. My large master suite features an elevated ceiling, dressing room, and study for when peace and quiet is required. And you should see how much natural light my rooms get, with large windows all over the place.

Tucked away in a rural part of Maryland, I’m not far from great outdoor activities. Hills, valleys, streams, and farms make up the landscape, while Goshen Branch Park is just minutes away. But I’m also only an hour or less from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

See all the ins and outs of my beautiful property here.

Honeysuckle Hill exterior

photo by: Gary Gestson

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20882.

Honeysuckle Hill kitchen

photo by: Gary Gestson

My spacious kitchen, with all its modern amenities, still has a fireplace.

Honeysuckle Hill living room

photo by: Gary Gestson

With another one in the living room, you won't be getting cold as you relax in the winter.

Jared Foretek is an editorial intern at the National Trust. He enjoys historic train stations, old bars, and interesting public spaces.


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