June 30, 2017

Preservation Personals: Texas Queen Anne Seeks History-Loving Owners

  • By: Jared Foretek

The town of Taylor, Texas, wasn’t much when I was built just after the Civil War, and while it’s still pretty small today, a lot of what you’ll see around these parts is attributable to my first owner, Crawford H. Booth.

A Union officer and founder of Taylor National Bank, Booth finished construction on me in 1879, just three years after Taylor was founded upon getting a stop on the Great Northern Railway. The pastoral town’s cattle ranching and cotton industries benefited enormously from the railroad, but it was also becoming a destination for horseracing because of Booth, who had donated 30 acres for the Taylor Fair Association’s horse and buggy track. A man of great generosity, he also founded Taylor’s St. James Episcopal Church.

In me—now known as the Clark Mansion—Booth had his dream house; my onion dome roof, octagonal turret, and ornate woodworking all indications of the town’s great prosperity at the time. Luckily, much of the original detail of my Queen Anne style is still in place, but I could use some touch-ups here and there. I’ve most recently served as a wedding venue but am looking for new ownership that can take on the rewarding challenge of caring for such a historic home.

With four bedrooms in over 3,900 square feet, I could easily be returned to single-family use, or some improvements could turn me into the area’s premier event space. And with six acres of land, there’s lots of potential in the property beyond my beautiful architecture.

See more of me here, and for a complete history visit the Williamson County Historical Commission.

Texas Victorian exterior

photo by: Vanessa Nunez

Taylor, Texas 76574.

Texas Victorian woodwork

photo by: Vanessa Nunez

Much of my original woodwork remains inside.

Texas Victorian view

photo by: Vanessa Nunez

On six acres, there's lots of potential for great outdoor space.

Jared Foretek is an editorial intern at the National Trust. He enjoys historic train stations, old bars, and interesting public spaces.


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