March 19, 2014

#SaveTheDome Selfies: Showing Love for a National Treasure

#astrodome #houston #8thWonderOfTheWorld -- @robbmaddox, Robb Maddox

Houston in March means one thing: the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. You name it, and it’s probably happening during the Rodeo's 20-day run. In 2013, over 2.5 million people came to the Rodeo, and each year the concert list is a who’s who of pop and country music performers.

The Rodeo takes place in Reliant Park, home of the Astrodome, and National Trust staff recently noticed something a little out of the ordinary: People are taking selfies with the Astrodome! Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorites for you to enjoy.

Hanging in the shadow of the ‘Dome with the nieces at the #HLSR. #astrodome #blueskies #flying - @sladeham, Slade Ham

Though the Rodeo now takes places on the grounds of Reliant Park and its large complex of buildings, the Rodeo was actually held inside the Astrodome from 1966 to 2002. The 2002 Rodeo finale concert featuring George Strait sold out in less than two hours.

#savethedome #GoCoogs always love seeing the #8thWonder of the world on the way to #rodeohouston, former home of the #astros #oiler and #cougars #houston -- @dusty_coog20, Dusty Vandenberg

The Astrodome has been part of the National Trust’s National Treasures program since the summer of 2013. Our most recent blog story about the Astrodome was "Pull Up a Seat (or Turf): Astrodome Fans Bring Home Pieces of History."

“On top and straight to your dome” #tbt #truthaintalwayspretty #htown #2014 #madbarsontheway #houston #family #houstonrodeo #astrodome -- @nahvm

As a recent Houston Chronicle story about the Astrodome selfies pointed out, “Though it’s doubtful that the new pictures taken of the Dome while wielding a jumbo corn dog will help the cause, it’s good to know that some many people are still interested in capturing moments with it, even in its current state.”

We couldn’t agree more!

COME AND TAKE IT #astrodome #8thwonder -- @zachwinkelmann, Zachary Winkelmann

We’ve also seen several photos with our favorite Astrodome-related t-shirt. “Come and Take It” is a reference to the 1835 Battle of Gonzales during the Texas Revolution.

Htown my home. Long live the dome #astrodome #reliantpark #htown -- @imdapperdon, Donovan Starghill

The future for the Astrodome remains complicated, to say the least. You can check our previous blog posts to get the full story.

#astrodome with @linzhowe -- @shandlt, Shannon De La Torre

The National Trust remains committed to finding a solution for the Astrodome and is working behind the scenes with many different public and private partners. Beth Wiedower, the National Trust Senior Field Officer in Houston, recently presented on our efforts at the DoCoMoMo Symposium, held in Houston.

#babybrooklynnstephenson and the #astrodome #savethedome #stephensonsinhouston -- @caroline0516, Caroline Stephenson

This might be one of our favorite photos. When people share memories of the Astrodome, they often mention how they want their children and grandchildren to experience the magic of the Astrodome, just like they did.

We encourage you to take your own Astrodome selfies anytime you're in Houston! Be sure to tag them with #SaveTheDome. Party on, Houston!

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