May 1, 2015

This Place STILL Matters: One of the National Trust’s Most Popular Campaigns Returns

  • By: Julia Rocchi

Happy Preservation Month, everyone! That’s right -- May is Preservation Month, our movement’s annual celebration of places and the people who save them. And to kick off this year’s festivities, we are thrilled to announce the reinvention of one of our favorite campaigns: This Place Matters.

Longtime members and followers of Preservation Nation will remember this initial launch of This Place Matters in 2008, when we asked everyone to tell us about any place -- large or small, nationally significant or personally priceless, historic or maybe just old -- that played a role in your life.

And wow, did you all answer. People and communities from around the country printed signs, decorated banners, called their friends, and even hired cherry pickers to capture the buildings, streets, parks, and towns that make their life just a little bit better. The outpouring of passion inspired us, moved us -- and made us want to do it all over again.

Group working to get the farm ready for the season! @arcadiafood #thisplacematters #savingplaces #woodlawn #popeleighey A photo posted by Charles Hastings (@district_of_charles) on

So this year, we are reinventing This Place Matters for a world where smartphones ring, social media’s king, and selfie sticks are a thing. The steps are simple:

  • Download our revamped sign here.
  • Then, either print the sign out or display it on your phone or tablet.
  • Take a picture with it -- your smiling mug included -- in front of a place near and dear to your heart. (Check out some examples on Flickr.)
  • Share it online with the hashtag #ThisPlaceMatters.
  • Stay tuned to @SavingPlaces on Instagram and Twitter as we spotlight our favorites.

That’s it! Easiest thing ever, second only to loving that place you’re taking a picture of. Thanks in advance for spreading the joy!

Julia Rocchi is the director of content marketing at the National Trust. By day she wrangles content; by night (and weekends), she shops local, travels to story-rich places, and gawks at buildings.


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