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March 29, 2010

Turner Family

Preservation is a family value for Sue Turner and her children.

  • By: National Trust for Historic Preservation

Sue Turner has dedicated a lifetime to saving historic places, and her commitment has created an equally strong preservation ethic in her children. To advance work in her state, she established the Suzanne Turner Preservation Fund for Louisiana in 2003, and last year made an important gift to strengthen the National Trust's Southern Regional Office endowment.

A former Trustee and Advisor, Sue cites her close relationship with regional staff as critical, remarking that, "much of what I learned about historic preservation is the result of my membership with the Trust." Her gift to the regional office endowment was made, "in gratitude for their assistance in shaping and nurturing my love of historic preservation and making my efforts matter."

In 2009, sons Robert and John celebrated their mother's legacy by making generous gifts to expand the impact of her Preservation Fund. As for their own involvement, John feels that the sense of place offered by historic resources speaks volumes, saying, "We can look at pictures and read about our past, but being able to see, touch, and experience firsthand that history can truly inspire people."

Robert is especially engaged by the recent past. "At heart," he says, "I am a modernist and believe strongly in good contemporary architecture and design. I am pleased the Trust is taking important steps to save modern architectural masterpieces."

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is grateful that this dedicated family recognizes that preserving places is essential to strong and vibrant communities.

By: National Trust for Historic Preservation

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