June 26, 2013

Twitter Chat Recap: Travel, Bucket Lists, and Announcements

  • By: Sarah Heffern

Historic marker for Hasbrouck House in New Paltz, NY. Photo courtesy Robert A, Flickr.
Historic marker for Hasbrouck House in New Paltz, NY.

Going into the summer months, there's no better topic to cover than travel, since most everyone is thinking about hitting the road at some point. For that reason, historic travel was the topic of our June #builtheritage Twitter chat.

We had a great conversation about our bucket lists, serendipitous preservation discoveries, festivals and reenactments, and our favorite ways of saving and sharing all our travel memories. (Surprise discovery: I'm not the only preservationist who loves using Foursquare to find places to go when I'm on vacation.)

A slideshow of highlights is below, and there's a more complete transcript is available as well.

Ordinarily, this is where I would announce our next topic, but in keeping with today's vacation theme, today's news is that we'll be taking the month of July off from the #builtheritage chat. With our regularly scheduled date/time being on the eve of the Fourth of July -- and, therefore, a long weekend for many of our U.S. participants -- we thought folks might be embarking on a little historic travel of their own, rather than sitting at their computers.

We'll be back in August at our usual time, 4:00 p.m. EDT on the first Wednesday of the month -- August 7. See you then!

Sarah Heffern is the National Trust's director of social media. While she embraces all things online and pixel-centric, she’s also a hard-core building hugger, having first fallen for historic places in a fifth grade “Built Environment” class.


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