Treasure It Together: Events at the Southwest Museum

From the beginning of our work on this National Treasure, the community wanted to see the Southwest Museum site open and accessible more frequently. With this goal in mind, we cultivated partnerships with a diverse range of artists, performers, and local organizations that allowed us to test new ideas, showcase the site’s unique features and architecture, identify new partnerships, and bring new audiences in to experience the Southwest Museum site.

Special programs on Lummis Day and Museums of the Arroyo Day in 2015 and 2016 brought many new visitors to the site. In December 2015, the first-ever “Treasure it Together” weekend was held over two full days to showcase the programs of local partners and to test out a range of new activities and uses in the space, including film screenings, yoga, and live music. These events brought hundreds of first-time visitors to celebrate the creativity, energy, rich history, and diversity of Northeast Los Angeles.

Three of the most dynamic and unique events in the series were held in 2016: Thomas McDonell and Brock Enright’s “Tunnel Entrance”, Heidi Duckler Dance Theater’s “143 Days”, and a premiere of a documentary on Charles Lummis with local television partner KCET, each of which attracted hundreds of visitors from across Los Angeles, with many of them seeing the Southwest Museum site for the very first time.

 A niche from Thomas McDonell and Brock Enright’s “Tunnel Entrance” at the Southwest Museum Site

photo by: Thomas McDonnell

Thomas McDonell and Brock Enright’s “Tunnel Entrance”

photo by: Heidi Duckler Theatre

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre performance of "143 Days"

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