3 Ways to Engage with Your Legislators this Winter Holiday

December 22, 2023

The U.S. House of Representatives began their holiday recess on December 14, while the U.S. Senate has delayed their adjournment until later this month. Your advocacy for historic preservation priorities can be very effective over the holidays, and here are three ways to engage with your federal decisionmakers over the next few weeks:

  1. Most members of Congress send out a regular newsletter to their constituents. Sign up for newsletters from your U.S. Representative and your U.S. Senators to learn more about what their priorities are, what legislation they’ve sponsored, and if they will be hosting any upcoming town hall discussions. Don’t know who represents you?
    1. Enter your zip code on https://www.house.gov to find your U.S. Representative.
    2. Select your state on https://www.senate.gov/states/statesmap.htm to find your U.S. Senators.
  2. Take action from home by visiting our Action Center. You can send personalized messages to your Congressional delegation about current preservation priorities including the Historic Preservation Fund, the Historic Tax Credit, National Historic Trail Designation for Route 66, and more!
  3. Invite your elected officials to visit a local historic site that’s important to you and your community.

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