Minidoka National Historic Site, Jerome, Idaho

photo by: Stan Honda/National Park Service

11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Since 1988, the National Trust has used its list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places to raise awareness about the threats facing some of the nation's greatest treasures. The list, which has identified more than 300 sites to date, has been so successful in galvanizing preservation efforts that only a handful of sites have been lost.

The 2022 list is a prime example of the expansiveness of American history. The wide range of cultures, histories, and geographies it reflects illustrates how telling the full story can help each person see themselves reflected in our country’s multi-layered past. But the sites on this year’s list also reflect communities historically underrepresented within preservation; as a result, society has often devalued or deemphasized the places connected to these stories.

Today, all 11 listings are at a turning point—a critical moment when we as a nation either recognize their significance and fight to protect them, tell their full stories, and harness their ongoing relevance, or watch them disappear from our cultural landscape and fade into memory. Through the 11 Most list, we have an opportunity to bolster these places’ recognition, preservation, interpretation, and funding, and in doing so help protect them for generations to come.

Just as the tireless work of the National Trust, its partners, and local preservationists across the country have saved dozens of previously listed sites and set many more on a path to a positive solution, so now can we work together on behalf of these endangered places. Join us in our efforts to save America's historic sites.

FAQs for 2023 America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places