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The Campaign for America's National Treasures

Our Places, Our Story

Thanks to the generosity of our friends and supporters, on June 30, 2018, the National Trust completed The Campaign for America’s National Treasures, having raised a remarkable $305 million--$105 million more than our original goal—to save the places that shape the American experience.

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Together, we are investing more than $300 million in the following areas:

Reimagining Historic Sites and bringing new life and vitality to the places where America’s history happened.

Directing intervention to save imperiled National Treasures and telling a complete American story through the sites and landscapes we work to protect.

Putting America’s historic places to work through to make America’s cities and towns healthier, more inclusive, and more resilient.

To all the Americans who stepped forward to join us in this bold and joyful celebration of the stories and places that bind us together across time and space, we extend our most heartfelt thanks.

National Treasures: Icons, Action, and Impact

Protect the great buildings, cultural landscapes, and public spaces that matter to Americans, through high-profile preservation campaigns.

“The National Trust for Historic Preservation serves all Americans by preserving the history that unites us. I am proud to support their work.”

Mrs. Laura Bush, Honorary Chair, Campaign for America’s National Treasures

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