Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to, the website of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Please read these guidelines before sharing your story pitch with us.

Our Approach

Some general characteristics of our stories are:

  • Readable by a wide audience (interesting, informative, not technical, not assuming industry knowledge or expertise)
  • High-quality photographs and videos
  • Conversational and friendly tone
  • Compelling, succinct storytelling

Although we don’t try to be everything for everyone, we do have a few basic categories of readers that we try to connect with in our stories:

  • Young people (35 and under)
  • Architecture buffs
  • History buffs
  • People who love domestic travel (think road trips)
  • People invested in their communities
  • People interested in sustainability

Potential topics include: (not exhaustive by any means)

  • Reflections on your experience of a certain place or preservation-related topic
  • Travel itineraries with a focus on history
  • A before-and-after preservation success story (ex. adaptive reuse)
  • A surprising interaction with an old or historic building
  • A community’s experience with saving (or trying to save) a place that matters to them
  • Examples of how historic preservation has positively impacted a community
  • Hidden or little-known places that tell us more about America’s diverse past

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: Before writing your post, take time to read through the website and get a sense of our style and approach. Visit to see recent stories.

What to Submit

Please follow these specific guidelines.

Word Count: 500-800 words

Paragraph Length: 3-4 sentences or less

Photos and Videos:

  • Photos must be the highest resolution possible – ideally 3200 pixels wide
  • Acceptable formats: JPG and TIFF
  • Horizontal photos are preferred
  • Photos and videos taken by skilled photographer are preferred
  • Photos with blue skies and people in them are preferred
  • All photos and videos must be properly credited and pre-approved for use by the photographer
  • Please include credit information and caption information in either your email or text document

How to Submit

  • Send the text (Microsoft Word preferred) in a single-spaced document with line breaks between paragraphs and no indents
  • Include a title at the beginning and your bio line at the end
  • Include any URLs in parentheses next to the text you would like to have linked (or use the Comment feature in track changes)
    • Please do not hyperlink the text itself in the document
  • Send your text and photos as separate attachments and image files in one email to
    • Depending on attachment size, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, or similar file transfer services are acceptable
  • Please adhere to agreed-upon deadlines

Feel free to send any questions to Thank you! We look forward to reading your work.

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