Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois

photo by: Mike Crews

We're In This Together

Look to our history for courage, comfort, and inspiration. Check out the resources below.

The mission of the National Trust for Historic Preservation is to enrich lives by saving our past, and now more than ever, we look to our history for courage, comfort, and inspiration. For the last 70-plus years, the National Trust has helped to orient the nation by connecting people to the places that reflect our history, our culture, and our communities, and we must—and we will—continue that essential purpose through this challenging period.

We've assembled this collection of resources to help our community, whether you are missing a visit to a favorite historic place, concerned about supporting your local businesses, or struggling as a parent to keep your family engaged with learning. We'll continue to update this page as new resources become available.

Nothing can replace the experience of walking through a historic place, but we look forward to welcoming you again when this global outbreak recedes.

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Support the National Trust for Historic Preservation today and you'll be providing the courage, comfort, and inspiration of historic places now, when we need it most.

Experience Historic Places, Virtually

Many historic sites across the country are temporarily closed or significantly curtailing hours and public events. While it might not be possible to visit these places in person, many offer virtual tours.

Shop Local, Shop Safe

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we support our communities in whatever ways we can.


Download this graphic to share on your social accounts. Use #SupportLocalSafely when posting.

On the Lighter Side

For Parents and Caregivers

We know lots of schools are temporarily closed or shifting to online learning. We've found some history and preservation resources hosted by some of our favorite museums and partners.

Please note, this page doesn’t provide medical information. Consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or your local health department for the latest updates on the coronavirus (COVID-19).