11 Haunted Historic Hotels of America

The highest compliment for a hotelier is that guests never want to leave, but in these historic hotels, some guests never checked out. Be prepared for some chills and thrills when staying the night at one of these haunted hotels....if you dare.

All of these hotels are members of Historic Hotels of America. Founded in 1989 to promote heritage tourism, Historic Hotels of America is the official program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation for recognizing and celebrating the finest historic hotels. For more haunted stays, check out the 2023 list of the most haunted hotels in the country from our friends at Historic Hotels of America.

  1. Exterior shot of Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods

    Photo By: Stanley Zimny

    Omni Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods

    In 1902, railroad tycoon Joseph Stickney built The Mount Washington Hotel. Known affectionately by resort staff members as “The Princess,” Carolyn Foster Stickney, Joseph’s wife, was a long-time inhabitant of the hotel—and perhaps still is. Many guests report visions of an elegant woman in Victorian dress in the hallways of the hotel and light taps on the doors, even though no one appears to be on the other side.

  2. Exterior shot of Concord's Colonial Inn taken in 1929

    Photo By: Boston Public Library

    Concord's Colonial Inn

    One of the oldest hotels in America (the original part of the building was constructed in 1716), the Inn served as a hospital during the Revolutionary War. Guests seeking a spooky adventure reserve Room 24, which served as the operating room for Dr. Timothy Minot. Many visitors report seeing flickering lights, feeling eerie sensations, and hearing closing doors.

  3. Exterior of brick Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts

    Photo By: Fletcher

    Hawthorne Hotel

    The beautifully restored, stately Federal-style hotel is named for author Nathaniel Hawthorne. Guests have reported sightings of a ghostly woman, unexplained noises, and moving furniture. The hotel hosts an annual Halloween costume ball; advanced planning is advised if you want to stay during this popular party.

  4. Sign of the Hotel Saranac

    Photo By: Jasperado

    Hotel Saranac

    This magnificent hotel in the Adirondacks was built in 1927 on the former grounds of a high school. There have been sightings of a man in a black suit with tails and top hat around the hotel. Rumors are he is Howard Littell, who was the superintendent of the schools for 35 years. He still roams the hallways of the hotel today, perhaps looking for stray students.

  5. Exterior of Omni Grove Park Inn at night

    Photo By: Judd Hall

    Omni Grove Park Inn

    A stunning example of the Arts and Crafts movement, the Omni Grove Park Inn has been delighting guests since 1913. Its understated elegance and Southern charm will make you never want to leave, much like its permanent guest known affectionately as “The Pink Lady.” She is usually seen in the form of a pink mist, but some report a specter of a young lady wearing a pink ball gown. She is known for playing small pranks like turning on electrical devices, tickling feet of sleeping guests, and rearranging items in rooms.

  6. Exterior shot of The Jekyll Island Club in Jekyll Island, Georgia

    Photo By: Evangelio Gonzalez

    Jekyll Island Club Resort

    Tucked away on a barrier island off the Georgia coast, this hotel opened in 1887 as a retreat for America’s wealthiest families. Ghost sightings include a bellman who delivers freshly pressed suits to grooms. There also seems to be a ghost who loves coffee and reading the newspaper; guests return to find their coffees sipped and newspapers moved.

  7. Exterior shot of Gothic Emily Morgan Hotel

    Photo By: Kumar Appaiah

    The Emily Morgan Hotel

    This hotel opened in 1924 as a Medical Arts building with doctor’s offices and a hospital. Its history is reflected in the array of gargoyles, each with a different medical malady, that line the Gothic Revival building. There have been numerous odd reports, including phones ringing in the middle of the night, doors closing randomly, and distinct odors of antiseptic wafting in the hallways.

  8. Interior of La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Photo By: Kent Kanouse

    La Fonda on the Plaza

    After dark, Santa Fe, New Mexico, promises to enchant visitors with its paranormal legends and ghost stories from its 400-year history. This hotel is the earliest and best-known hotel in America’s oldest capital city, and it is no stranger to ghosts: several apparitions have reportedly been seen at the hotel, including one thought to be John P. Slough, Chief Justice of the Territorial Supreme Court.

  9. Wort Hotel in Jackson, Wyoming

    Photo By: Acroterion

    The Wort Hotel

    The luxurious Tudor Revival hotel has been entertaining guests since 1941. It is also home to a friendly mechanical engineer, Bob, who likes to play tricks on his predecessors. He also helps them out by leaving tools where there may be a problem to fix.

  10. Exterior shot of Fairmont Sonoma

    Photo By: Linux Foundation

    Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

    This hotel welcomes guests past and present, believing that their ghosts haunt where they were happiest. The Inn’s tenured employees will testify that when the evenings are still and the fog rolls in from the San Francisco Bay, a beautiful woman has been seen strolling the hallways of the Inn in period dress: Victoria. One of the early European settlers of Sonoma Valley, Victoria is said to have celebrated her wedding and many anniversaries at the resort.

  11. Bird's eye view of the grounds at Tubac Golf Resort and Spa

    Photo By: Historic Hotels of America

    Tubac Golf Resort and Spa

    The history of the resort can be traced back over four centuries to a young man named Don Toribio de Otero. Generations of Oteros lived on the ranch for four centuries before they were forced to sell, and the core of the estate was reinvented as a luxury resort in the 1950s. Harkening back to the days of the Otero family, occupants and guests have claimed to hear, see, and experience unexplainable activity. In recent decades, resort guests have reported at least four unique ghosts including a boy, a lady in gray, a very active gentleman spirit, and a cowboy. Some of these spirits are believed to date back to the early age of the resort when it was the Otero Ranch.

Rich with architectural significance, cultural heritage, and historical ambiance, each Historic Hotels of America property has a story to tell. And once you stay, so will you.

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