Take a Retro Road Trip in the Northeast

Your next road trip doesn't need to be all about historic house museums or old churches (though we certainly enjoy those). Retro Roadmap's Mod Betty presents some unique, funky alternatives like root beer stands in New Jersey, derby racer rides in Ohio, candy shops in New York, and more.

  1. Photo By: Beth Lennon/Retro Roadmap

    Maine Idyll Motor Court (Freeport, Maine)

    A collection of 20 diminutive domiciles nestled on the side of Route 1, this quaint motor court has been offering old-fashioned charm and lodging since 1932.

  2. Photo By: Wikimedia Commons/EraserGirl

    Methuen Memorial Music Hall (Methuen, Massachusetts)

    Methuen Memorial Music Hall is the permanent home for the first concert organ in the country. What's more, this building was specifically created to house the organ after its tenure at the historic Boston Music Hall.

  3. Photo By: frontier.1968/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Parkside Candy (Buffalo, New York)

    From looking at Parkside Candy's exterior, you'd never know that a delicious treat, both visual and confectionery, awaits you. But once you enter, you'll be glad you went in.

  4. Photo By: Flickr/B*tch Cakes/CC BY-NC 2.0

    Derby Racers (Rye, New York, and Cedar Point, Ohio)

    Theme parks Cedar Point and Rye Playland both feature this "grown-up" version of the traditional carousel. These vintage, hand-carved horses race against each other to an imaginary finish line.

  5. Photo By: Flickr/KA/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Root Beer Stands (Burlington, Pennsauken, and Stratford, New Jersey)

    New Jersey is a purveyor of two vintage favorites: root beer and carhops. Combine them both at these tasty root beer stands in Burlington, Pennsauken, and Stratford.

  6. Photo By: Peter Calcandy

    Caribbean Motel (Wildwood, New Jersey)

    This Tiki-themed treat in popular Wildwood, New Jersey, was built in 1957 and is a Historic Hotel of America. The hotel was restored to its 1950s-era glory by Carolyn Emigh and George Miller.

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