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Preservation is the quarterly magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It celebrates the places that have shaped the diverse American cultural experience and inspires people to save the past and enrich the future through charitable giving, advocacy, and volunteerism.

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Preservation Magazine: Explore the Latest Issue

In our Winter 2023 issue, go inside a new arts center at a National Trust Historic Site; take a photo tour of Milwaukee's Mitchell Park Domes; and learn about the revival of a Nebraska hospital founded by a groundbreaking Native American woman.


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Receipt of Preservation magazine is a benefit of membership in the National Trust, the only national, private organization chartered by Congress to encourage public participation in the preservation of sites, buildings, and objects significant in American history. Trust programs and publications are made possible in part by membership dues and contributions. Articles and essays published in the magazine are works of journalism and not the official policy of the National Trust.

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Editor in Chief
Dennis Hockman

Executive Editor
Meghan Drueding

Assistant Editor
Tim O'Donnell

Assistant Editor
Katie Finley

Contributing Editors
Lisa Selin Davis, Lydia Lee, Ron Nyren, Bruce D. Snider, Joe Sugarman, Lauren Walser

Research Editors
Samantha Spengler, Alison Van Houten, Lauren Walser

Susan Cullen Anderson

Senior Creative Director and Designer
Mary Prestera Butler

Contributing Photo Editor
Michael Green

Join us in protecting and restoring places where significant African American history happened.

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