City Dock flooding

photo by: City of Annapolis

11 Most Endangered Historic Places


  • Constructed: 1708
  • Location: Annapolis, Maryland

Like many historic seaport towns, Annapolis is impacted by regular flooding, especially due to recent rising sea levels and increasing storm surges. In the Chesapeake Bay, the combined effects of sinking land and rising seas have resulted in a rate of sea level rise that is twice the world average and poses an even greater danger to Annapolis and its historic resources.

While many cities and states are beginning to plan for sea-level rise, very few municipalities are considering the specific effects of sea-level rise on historic buildings, landscapes, and archaeological sites. Fortunately, Annapolis is, recognizing that historic architecture and local heritage are an important part of the economy that brings tourist dollars and attracts new businesses and residents.

With data indicating that flooding rates will more than double by 2050, reaching elevations exceeding 3-4 feet, immediate action is necessary to avoid continued flooding that would irrevocably damage much of the historic Annapolis we know today.

From its early days as a colonial capital through today, the small seaport of Annapolis has been welcoming visitors from around the world. Containing more original 18th-century structures than any other city in the country, this historic waterfront is a rich part of our country’s heritage and a National Historic Landmark.


Campaign Goals

  • Assist with cultural resources hazard mitigation planning and implementation in Annapolis
  • Increase the sense of urgency about climate change-based threats to heritage and the responses to them
  • Share lessons learned and strategies with communities facing similar challenges


Protect historic Annapolis from increasing climate threats by incorporating historic resources into local hazard mitigation planning.

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