Cornell University volunteers at the First Baptist

July 31, 2015 by Rebecca Harris

Cornell University’s preservation and planning programs organize a Work Weekend each year, where students, faculty, and alums select a preservation project to donate a weekend’s worth of labor and materials. This year we were extremely fortunate that they chose the First Baptist Church. From April 17-20th, a group of about 30 Cornell University students, faculty, and alums, along with WHALE staff, board members, and local craftspeople, spent the weekend packing weeks of work into just a few days. They scraped, repaired, and primed all of the doors, including the huge entrance doors, repaired, reglazed, and primed all of the windows on the ground floor, created photo murals on plywood to mount inside the ground floor windows to provide security and share historic images of the building and people associated with the church, and repaired the plaster in the entrance vestibule. This work provided a huge boost to the church and a meaningful and fun experience for all involved.

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