Malcolm X-Ella Little-Collins House

photo by: Steve Dunwell

African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund

Malcolm X – Ella Little-Collins House

  • Constructed: 1874
  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Built in 1874, this modest structure is the last known surviving boyhood home of Malcolm X. He shared the house with his half sister, Ella Little-Collins, whose son is the current owner. Largely vacant for over 30 years, plans are in development to rehabilitate and reuse the deteriorating property. In partnership with Historic Boston, Rodnell Collins dreams of preserving Malcolm X’s legacy by transforming the house into living quarters for graduate students who are studying African American history, social justice, or civil rights.

Transforming the historic residence where Malcolm X spent his formative years into graduate student housing would provide an innovative model for sites across the country. The rehabilitation would not only restore an important part of American history, but transform an underutilized structure into an active and vibrant part of the surrounding community.

Campaign Goals

  • Help Historic Boston raise $1.4 million to rehabilitate the residence.
  • Focus national attention on Malcolm X’s time in the Boston area.


Rehabilitate the long-overlooked residence of one of America’s most notable human rights activists.

Join us in protecting and restoring places where significant African American history happened.

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